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R/C gadgets Ohmark used to make

A few people asked about my old R/C Products, so I'm going to add some information, and the designs on here in the next month or so.

The designs I will share are the Elevon mixer, servo reverser, R/C switch and 'DSC' servo controller. These are the same products I sold under the name of 'Ohmark Electronics' from 1996 through till 2004.

Unfortunately the popular model down alarm design "Downer" information and software can not be made available, as I sold the rights for that product to a company in the US. When I find the details I will post a link to their new product which is very similar.

To answer another question that has popped up a few times, I've not decided yet if I will resume selling any of the products, I'll think about that one, some of the components I used are obsolete, and the technology has moved on a fair bit since 2004 when I closed the business.

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