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3Step Stepper Driver files

Below you'll find all of the current files for the software and hardware in the 3Step design.

Note: I did the schematic in the free version eagle to which there is a link on the links page, but I no longer use eagle for my eda/pcb work, and have switched to kicad. I'll post some kicad files at some stage in the next couple of months, which will include a PCB suitable for toner transfer etching.


The .sch file is the eagle schematic file. it can be viewed and edited using the free download version of eagle, check the Links page.

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3Step BOM - Excel.xls10KB2009:02:19 23:46:35
3Step BOM.pdf35KB2009:02:19 23:46:32
3Step Connections schematic.pdf132KB2009:02:19 23:46:46
3Step Eagle Schematic.sch.zip71KB2009:02:19 23:46:16
3Step schematic - basic.pdf146KB2009:02:19 23:46:07
3Step schematic - full.pdf231KB2009:02:19 23:46:30



The .asm file is the PIC assembly language source code, written using the Arizona Microchip 'MPLAB' tool, which can be found free on their site.

The .hex file is the assembled code, ready to be written into the PIC 16F870 chip.

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3step V1.00.asm13KB2009:02:19 23:45:56
3step V1.00.hex1KB2009:02:19 23:45:57


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