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MyIO - DIY process control

This project is really the result of not finding something I wanted on the web, one of those rare moments when Google let me down.

This project will evolve as I work on it, as it's a fairly complex thing, and I don't actually have a lot of time to spend on it. Unless otherwise noted, treat all of the MyIO pages as a 'work in progress'.

The Goals page will give you an idea of what I'm doing.Logger

In a nutshell, I wanted a simple I/O Controller board to plug into one of my Linux PC's so I could turn on and off some appliances remotely.

There are lots of good solutions on the web, but none of them really spun my wheels, and many of them did not support Linux at all.

What to do? I know, I'll just go out and re-invent the wheel! I'm now going all out to build a complete end to end virtual PLC and hardware interface modules for low speed process control & automation.

Check out the News page for my progress over the next few weeks/months.

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