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Myio Goals

Change of plan See:This Update

In essence I'm re-inventing the wheel, but then that's fine as I'm doing this for the challenge, and because I can.

A lot of the 'hobby' level process control / automation systems I found on the web lacked fundamental integrity in their designs, and did not seem to be very 'robust'. I'm not saying I'll create anything significantly better, but I'll have a bit of fun trying, and maybe give some other folks a starting point for their own project.

What I want to build is a fully functional virtual PLC, and SCADA/HMI for Linux, along with my own modbus RTU design. The 'feature' list is below, and the 'status' is there as well. As I achieve the goals, or fail miserably I'll update this page. :-).

At this stage I'm not committing to releasing the code for the RTU's at all, but I am considering releasing the designs and code under the GPL. I think I'll wait and see if there is any interest in it first!

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