It goes without saying, or at least I think it does, that if you're following any of the designs or ideas on my website you need a basic level of electronics and/or electrical knowledge.

You also need to have some basic skills with your hands. Using a soldering Iron, and not putting your finger in light sockets is a good start.

I provide the information on this site in good faith, as a general guide to build something vaguely useful, for the general purpose I designed it.

If you are not 100% certain of your ability to build things, find an adult with safety scissors to assist you, or buy a pre-made, widget from one of the excellent suppliers you'll find on the net using Google or another search engine of your choice.

When it comes to plugging your creation into the mains, or even a 9V battery for that matter, check everything twice, or three times if you're not sure. Just to make sure, ask the same adult with the plastic scissors to check it for you as well.

I make no claims as to the functionality or suitability of any of my designs to do more than occupy space. In all likelihood it is possible you may construct a time travel machine from the information on this website.

No matter what this site, or any other on the topic claims, the end product will be comprised of 99.95% nothing, the balance being a collection of random sub-atomic particles.

What that collection of particles does in terms of usable function or output is very much up to the builder, and has little to do with the idle doodling you'll find on this website.

There is also an unlikely, but statistically non-zero chance that using my ideas will cause antelopes to take up residence in your bathroom, causing great inconvenience to you and your relatives, while making an awful stink.

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