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logger is the first 'output' from this project, if you will. It is released under the GPL.

In a nutshell it's a modbus data logger for serial modbus RTU's.

Fig 1.

It's written for Linux in C and uses a single config file in which you can add up to 256 modbus points. It will read discrete inputs or input registers, and can apply an offset and scale factor to register inputs allowing for conversion of data read from 4-20ma sensors etc.

The output can be logged to csv file, or to a mysql database, or both.

The current version (0.51) should be considered Beta software, although it's been fairly well tested, it has almost no checking or retry/fail code in it.

Check out the INSTALL file below for information about dependencies etc. There is also a little (very little at this stage!) more documentation in the /docs directory of the tar file.

If you find this software at all useful, it'd be nice if you dropped me an email.


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