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Tidying up 10/2/08

Not a lot of real technical progress in the last week, as I decided to tidy up things a bit in the workshop, and I was quite busy at work so spent some time doing emails for work in the evenings.

I do however now have two analog inputs and two opto-isolated digital inputs on my test RTU which will let me do a bit more with it once I get more under way with the PC software side of things.

Fig. 1

I also got keen and started work in the design for a loop powered 4-20ma transmitter circuit so I'll have something to use a test sender unit, although I have no idea what I'll connect to it's input at this stage!

After a bit of messing around I've changed to using the 'trunk' version of libmodbus from I will take a look at contributing something to the development effort on that library as I've gained quite a bit out of of it already. I'm not so sure about my 'C' skills though, so my contribution might well be documentation writing!

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