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Software running on the PC / PLC end of the MyIO project

PC Software

At the PC end my intention is to create a modular virtual PLC environment, and a full SCADA/HMI suite to allow for monitoring and interaction with the PLC and RTU's.

So far I've done a lot of testing with libmodbus, and created some simple utilities to get my mind back into 'C' mode, as I've not played the C game for quite a while.

The most 'complete' bit of software so far is logger which is a data acquisition daemon for which can pickup data from multiple serial modbus RTU's and convert analogue readings to 'real' units. Output can be written to a CSV log file, mysql database or both.

I'm also working on a PHP graphing engine for the SCADA part of the system. I hope to have some output from that to show off on the site within a week or so, it's working but not very pretty!

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